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What is e-thaksalawa?


e-thaksalawa consists of resources developed aligned to grade 1 to 13 curriculams such as creative lessons, all learning resources including past papers, term papers, questions, syllabuses, text books, teacher instruction manuals. This is a continuous development process with an intention of handing over the international standard learning management system to the nation.

e-thaksalawa is the Sri Lankan approach of achieving the above.

The future expectation of the Distance Learning Promotions Branch Ministry of Education on e-thaksalawa is to expand the e-thakslawa as a knowledge based and establish teachers' team to provide solutions for students' questions through online, provide special resources for backward students and establish communication mechanism to share the knowledge and ideas befiveen students and teachers.

By whoom is e-thaksalawa?

It is a project initiated by the Distance Learning Promotions Branch Ministry of Education , Sri Lanka. It has been developed by the skillful teachers of the government schools ih the country with the guidance of the Subject Directors of the Ministry of Education and also the patronage of the Department of Education Publication, Department of Examinations and Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

For whoom is e-thaksalawa?

This Learning Management System is offered by the Ministry of Education free of charge for those who are in search of knowledge. Your comments are always welcome as it helps us to develop e-thakgalawa in a more quality and user friendly manner.

e-thaksalawa is the official learning management system of the General Education System in Sri Lanka.
Working with Ave
Working with Ave

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