5.5 Activity - 01

Once there was a man and his greedy selfish camel. One day they left for a long journey. That night, the man slept in his tent. Suddenly he heard the noise of the camel and woke up. He asked the camel why he was making noises.

“Master, it is very cold outside. May I put my head inside the tent?”  asked the camel.

The kind man felt sorry for the camel. “Oh my poor camel. It is very cold outside,” he thought.  So he let the camel put its head inside the tent.   Then he went back to sleep. But after a while, the camel he awoke his master again.

The camel asked, “ Master may I put in my forelegs as well? It is really cold out here.” The kind master let the camel put its forelegs as well.  The camel felt happy, but not for so long. It spoke to the man again.

“Master, I won’t disturb you again. Can I put in my back legs too? I can’t bear this cold wind.” said the camel. Though the man got angry, he let the camel put its back legs as well. Soon the man understood that the tent was not enough for both of them.

The greedy selfish camel said, “Master this tent is not enough for both of us. Since it is difficult to move my body, it is better if you can go out.” The man got irritated. As it was uncomfortable to stay in the tent, he decided to go out and the camel stayed happily inside the tent.

Moral    - Someone who is greedy is never satisfied with what he/she has.