Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    Express Basic Information related to themselves in oral and written communication 

    • Topic 2

      Me and My World  

      • Topic 3

        Identify, Use and Express numbers and Quantity that appear in different forms in oral and written communication

        • Topic 4

          Exchange ideas about social environment 

          • Topic 5

            Engage in Conversations about Challenges and path to success of life  

            • Topic 6

              Share Ideas related to Environment Confidently 

              • Topic 7

                Express Personal Opinion Related to Different Fields of Employment in Oral and Written Communication

                • Topic 8

                  Communicate Basic Information to Health and Fitness

                  • Topic 9

                    Use English in everyday situations encountered in the immediate surrounding

                    • Topic 10

                      Express personal opinion related to fashion and culture in oral and written communication 

                      • Topic 11

                        Engage in a Telephone Conversation Confidently 

                        • Topic 12

                          Use English for Business and Communication Purpose

                          • Topic 13

                            Media and Life  

                            • Topic 14

                              Use English Confidently in day today work