• Guru Gedara Educational Programmes

    • Constructs Simple sentences Writing Notes Notices
    • Describing Bar graph Using Passive - Let's write Passive question Let's find specific answers
    • Simple folktales Adverb Describe picture using simple sentences
    • Writing a simple Story Writing a simple Story2 Pronouns
    • Adjectives Describing Pictures Collective Nouns
    • Antonyms and Synonyms Reported Speech Questions Transferring Information
    • Read and responds poems Writes compositions Extracts specifice information
    • Extracting Necessary Information Descriptions Of Peaple, Animals, Places And Things Using Passive ( Simple Future Tense )
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      " If " type two n Transferring information Persaonal letters 01
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      Read and transfer information n Personal Letters Writing Instruction
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      Describing Places Writing Simple Compositions Parallel Writing
    • Uses affixes Replying to notes 02 Writing Notes